Simple Tips And Practical Advice For A Happy And Healthy Cat

Caring for a cat is a lot of work, even though they make great pets. Food, medical expenses, litter and toys can really add up. Read on to find out what it takes to care for your cat.

Properly groom your cat. You can regularly brush or comb your cat. If yu do this quite often, it will help them stay clean. It can cut down on shedding and spitting up hairballs, too. Grooming a cat properly will improve the appearance of your home and cat.

If your cat is a female, be sure to get her spayed when she is old enough. Even if she spends her time indoors, it is possible for her to escape while in heat, causing an unwanted pregnancy. Spray your cat so that this does not occur.

Reconsider outside time for your cat. This can put your cat in an unsafe position. They may acquire fleas or much worse things. They might get injured by some other animals, vehicles, or people. If they have to go outside, make sure it’s a small area like your lawn or backyard.

Cat Owners

Speak to others about your cat problems. It can really help to get advice from fellow cat owners. The Internet will allow you to contact many forums and online communities for cat owners. Don’t forget, your vet’s office can also provide sound advice.

Take time to train your cat to go into a car carrier. You cannot punish a cat the same way you would a dog. Encouragement is more likely to get them to respond. Inside the carrier, put a favorite toy and blanket. Leave it open in an area the cat will see. Over time the cat will not be stressed about the carrier and will enter it voluntarily. This will make it easier to mobilize your cat.

Feed your cat high-quality cat food. Check out the ingredients, and make sure meat tops the list. Look for foods that do not have corn or elements that aren’t protein. Cats are carnivores, so if you want them to be as healthy as possible, you need to be sure they’re eating enough animal protein.

Taking your cat to the vet regularly to get proper vaccinations and check-ups will ensure that your pet enjoys a long and healthy life with you. Not unlike kids, kittens require vaccinations and check ups every so often so that they do not get sick. Your cat is a member of your family, so treat them like any valued member of your home.

Litter Box

If kitty stops using its litter box, pay attention. When cats are suffering from something, they may end up going to the restroom randomly outside of their box. A bladder infection is often at the root of the problem. Contact your veterinarian if your pet abandons its litter box.

Refrain from cleaning or using chemicals in the vicinity of your cat. Lysol and Pine-Sol are two examples of products that contain this chemical. Not only do cats intensely dislike the smell, the chemical can also cause liver damaged if they are exposed to it for a lengthy time.

Watch out for panting. With dogs, this is something that is common. While panting can be a sign that your cat is overheated or anxious, it can also be a sign of something much more serious. Be sure to call your vet, particularly if your pet has suffered from respiratory issues.

Keep your cat on a diet of dry food if at all possible. When cats are young they are going to have to have wet food due to having small teeth. When they get older, their teeth benefit from harder dry foods. Try combining both dry and wet food together should you have a finicky feline.

One easy way to prevent a lot of potential feline health problems down the road is to refrain from over-feeding your cat. It can lead to obesity, diabetes and other health related problems. Take care to feed your cat the correct portion sizes. A balanced, nutritious diet is important.

Pets can take a lot of money to care for properly, and this includes cats. It’s so much work, it rivals raising a child! The tips provided will help you properly take care your cat without breaking the bank.